Introducing Sean Chesler


My name is Sean Chesler. I am 18 years old and starting my second semester here at SCSU. I am a commuter to the school from Milford, CT, though I am a native of Woburn, MA. Since moving to Milford in 2012, I completed many of my goals that I had set up for myself when I was younger. Throughout my life I have always been interested in cars, so naturally my first goal was to get my driver’s license. I got my learner’s permit for my 16th birthday, and my license 6 months later to the day. I have been driving daily ever since. I am going to SCSU because I have always wanted to have a great education beyond high school, though for now I am here for an undeclared major. I am a full time student at SCSU and a part time AutoZoner.



I am looking forward to a great semester with all of you!


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