#GreenLightAVet – Brendan

So many young people now-a-days, unless they have someone important to them currently serving of have served,  think of Veterans around 9/11 and the events that followed that took so many of our family members and friends over seas and then usually on Veterans days.  They tend to forget all the ones that came before or even the ones still fighting and giving.  Also to most people it doesn’t come to mind that veterans that come back often need help re-entering into society and taking back up normal everyday life and schedules don’t get the support, the help, or even thanks they deserve.  We tend to only remember these heroes on the days the calendars have marked for us to.  The movement and hashtag #GreenlightAVet is a simple way for people to show support and thanks to these men and women.  It started in 2015.  To participate it’s simple, change one of your visible outside house lights to a green bulb to show support.  This can be on Veterans day or year round but its meant to show veterans that may not know how much they are appreciated that they are, perhaps by someone unlikely, or by a neighbor they just see in passing.  Here, at Greenlight A Vet  there are several links to obtain your green  light, put your light on the map to show vets and others of your support, even a Facebook filter to show your support. The goal is to light up as many towns and cities as possible, to show the Vets that we care and are here for them and want to support and thank them.

NBC  talked to one vet about their ideas on this movement, attached is the link.  It sheds light onto why it’s a movement that’s so easy to support that there’s no reason it shouldn’t be.  My grandfather, cousin, and friends have served and it’s important to me to show my support and thanks for everything they have given and fought for, because without people like them our freedoms here wouldn’t be possible.  If you want to support the vets and show your thanks, Walmart is the main supporter making it easy to obtain the green bulbs needed, here’s a link to Walmart #GreenlightAVet Page.

Here’s a picture taken from a tweet shared on their twitter from @nwanaturals showing their support.