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Final Project


Vets Park ,Branford CT

My name is Samir Silwal. I love playing soccer.For my Final Project, I am making a Soccer Shootout video with my friends. I am doing a 3 competitive game to see who is going to win the shootout challenge. The first one is a Shootout challenge where the balls are placed outside the D box and all players have 5 shots to find a net(1 goal =1 point). The second challenge is crossbar shootout challenge where players have 5 shots to hit the crossbar. (1 cross bar= 1 point). The third and the final challenge is hit the target. Players have 3 shots each  to shoot and to get hit. if you hit your target, it counts two points.(1 hit = 2 points).

For full video click below:

Source: Huffington post