Final Project


Vets Park ,Branford CT

My name is Samir Silwal. I love playing soccer.For my Final Project, I am making a Soccer Shootout video with my friends. I am doing a 3 competitive game to see who is going to win the shootout challenge. The first one is a Shootout challenge where the balls are placed outside the D box and all players have 5 shots to find a net(1 goal =1 point). The second challenge is crossbar shootout challenge where players have 5 shots to hit the crossbar. (1 cross bar= 1 point). The third and the final challenge is hit the target. Players have 3 shots each  to shoot and to get hit. if you hit your target, it counts two points.(1 hit = 2 points).

For full video click below:

Source: Huffington post


#Me Too Movement

    The #Me Too was started by activist Tarana Burke in 2006. #Me Too encourages women to show solidarity with each other, specifically when it comes to sexual harassment. The hashtag did not go viral until 2017 when it was used on twitter. I think this movement is very important and allows women who have been sexually assaulted not feel like they are alone.


#MeToo Movement

In October 2017, many brave women stepped forward and spoke about the abuse they faced in both Hollywood and in their own personal lives. Actress Alyssa Milano helped create a movement to help embolden women and allow them to tell their own stories. She took to to social media; namely Twitter to spread her ideas and stake a claim.

Source: ABC News