Brittany Farquhar Hashtag Activism

#BlackLivesMatter is a movement that was created to bring awareness to the equal rights that we are deprived.A website called stated that ” this movement was made to rebuild the Black Liberation movement and affirms the lives of Black queer and trans folks, disabled folks, black-undocumented folks, folks with records, women and all Black lives along the gender spectrum. ” The organization was created after the death of Trayvon Martin where his murderer George Zimmerman was acquitted, and Trayvon Martin himself was put on trial for his murder. An article written by CNN talks about the different roles of the Black lives matter movement and what they are striving to change. Since the death of Trayvon Martin, there have been many more unarmed murders to individuals such as Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, and Michael Brown Jr. The #Blacklivesmatter movement brings attention to what really happened in each of the different murders and the organization non-violently tries to spread the word that Black lives do matter as much as any other race..

In the video listed above a member of the #Blacklivesmatter movement using metaphors for individuals who question what it really is.

#Blacklivesmatter  is even affecting the media. The tweet shown above is from the AMC television network that is creating a series based on a Black Lives Matter Book. Overall, the movement will continue to spread, grown, and bring attention to the lives lost.




Hashtag Activism by Duneshka

Hurricane Irma is a major hurricane which is currently known to be  one of the most weather devastate hurricane. Irma has already traveled to Puerto Rico and is now on Florida. With winds of 185 mph and 240 KPH. This hurricane is bound to flood most of Florida in particular has already hit Jacksonville.

taken by Reuters

As shown you can see the tremendous amount of force Irma has. You can also see the impact its already doing to Florida. Although this is a very big deal people all around the world are already trying to offer their help to those in Florida. My reason for picking this certain hashtag because my family from Puerto Rico did have to deal with the warnings of Irma although they are okay, this has been the big issue that has been going around.

Hashtag Blog Post

#NFL Kickoff

Today marks the start for another Football season. It’s been a day that many have waited for for months. If you look on twitter during the summer, more often than not, you’ll see a person tweeting about how many days till #NFLKickoff  starts or how they can’t wait for the season to begin. The hashtag stands for the start of the first game in the NFL season. It’s usually played on a Thursday in September. I’ve noticed throughout the years that in the weeks leading to kickoff, more and more people talk about it. They predict how the season might turnout, they talk about last season and they talk about their hopes for the new season.

NFL Logo and Silver Football Photo credit: Public Domain

Here is an article about tonight’s Kickoff.

#Shoot2Kill – How the word kill can mean create

Hashtags have been a great way for bloggers to organize their content in the online community, making it easy for those interested in the topic to quickly locate and contribute to the conversation in a variety of ways. Over the last ten or so years the use of the hashtag has evolved and in a lot of ways trailed drastically from its original proposed use.

In the past we spoke more formally because of how formally we wrote. In the present, we write less formally because of how informally we speak.   — Muriel MacDonald (How #Hashtags Changed the Way we Talk

The quote above is extremely relevant but leaves out that important factor of how words and their meanings have been altered. Below is a Tweet by Derek H (@huangwade3), a photographer from Beijing, exemplifying the use of hashtags to place his tweet (and image) in a pool of other member’s tweets consisting of the same hashtag. One that sticks out quite a bit is #Shoot2Kill, a hashtag that doesn’t sound like a pretty picture at all. Surprisingly enough, this hashtag is used religiously by photographers in the online community leading to a vast pool of creativity; the complete opposite of what you would expect this hashtag’s content to consist of.

#KillEveryGram, #Way2ill, and #CityKillerz are a few more examples of hashtags that could be very misleading but have grown to become religiously used by photographers in the community.

#WhyIStayed – Breaking stereotypes about the ‘ease’ of leaving abusive relationships

#WhyIStayed was a tag first created on twitter by Beverly Gooden. Beverly was stuck in an abusive relationship, and was tired of everyone asking her why she didn’t just leave. She created this tag to bring awareness to domestic violence, as well as bringing courage to other women to open up about their abusive relationship. This led to many women (and sometimes men) leaving their bad relationship.

(Taken from Beverly’s twitter account.)

A video surfaced that morning (September 8, 2014) of NFL Baltimore Raven’s running back Ray Rice punching his wife in the face. This video leak was what inspired Gooden to start this trending tag. Below is the full video of the incident. Viewer Discretion is advised.

(Video taken from YouTube. Credit to TMZSports.)

As a result of this video, Ray Rice was fired from the NFL, and #WhyIStayed became a trending topic on twitter, and other forms of social media. Gooden inspired others to share tweets about their experiences, and some can be found here. Domestic violence should never be taken lightly and if you or someone you know is in trouble, calling the National Domestic Violence Hotline, 1-800-799-7233, could save lives.

Adopt Don’t Shop


#adoptdontshop is a hashtag used by animal lovers in an attempt to convince those looking for a new furry family member to adopt from shelters instead of buying from pet stores.

Millions of pets are abandoned in shelters every year. Some are lucky enough to find homes while others either spend their entire lives in the shelter or are euthanized, depending on the shelter.

Pet stores get their pets from places like puppy mills. An alarming majority of puppy mills over breed female dogs as well as keeping all dogs in small, dirty cages for their entire lives. #adoptdontshop is an attempt to end this cruelty.

While the hashtag is still used in this fashion, it has evolved to also include shelters using it to promote themselves. Often, they also use it to promote certain animals, including a description and picture of said animal.

It has also evolved to include people sharing about the animals they have adopted. This is an effort to show that shelter animals are not as damaged and broken as some may think.

Here is an article using the hashtag and giving a rundown of some of the reasons as to why it’s so widely used and supported.

“My boyfriend’s dog, Beauty” Photo by Angela Buckley

An example tweet:

Hashtag Activism

Hurricane Harvey has caused mass destruction and devastation throughout Houston. The death toll is up to 70 for Harvey and now following this devastating storm is Hurricane Irma. The hashtag Harvey began when word of the storm was on it’s way and continued to evolve as the storm ripped through Houston. The hashtag has been tweeted by many as they try to create awareness, ask for help, and ask for people to pray for the city of Houston. Although the storm itself has been extremely saddening, I believe the evolution of this hashtag has brought positivity as more people have became aware and lent a helping hand to the victims of Harvey.

Photo by Jeff Piotrowski