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Youngsters take the show at the 2018 All-Star Weekend

Credit: NBA, Sporting News,  Photographer: Rondo Estrello


Donovan Mitchell steals the show imitating Vince Carter’s famous dunks

Credit: The NBA, Photographer: Steve Lipofsky


#Me Too Movement

    The #Me Too was started by activist Tarana Burke in 2006. #Me Too encourages women to show solidarity with each other, specifically when it comes to sexual harassment. The hashtag did not go viral until 2017 when it was used on twitter. I think this movement is very important and allows women who have been sexually assaulted not feel like they are alone.


#MeToo Movement

In October 2017, many brave women stepped forward and spoke about the abuse they faced in both Hollywood and in their own personal lives. Actress Alyssa Milano helped create a movement to help embolden women and allow them to tell their own stories. She took to to social media; namely Twitter to spread her ideas and stake a claim.

Source: ABC News


Although at first glance this may not seem like a very important hashtag, it speaks volumes to me and I’m sure many many others. I am usually not one to get out of my comfort zone whatsoever, but seeing people do the things they have always dreamed of on social media has made me really come out of my shell for many situations. The hashtag #bucketlist2018 gets people up and motivated to explore the world around them and live a little before the time we have on this earth is up and it’s too late. Sometimes all people need is to see that there is nothing to be afraid of and that the world is literally at our fingertips. Life is what YOU make it; don’t let anyone stop you from doing just that.

Source: Insider


This hashtag has created a huge community of people who have ever been sexually assaulted. The movement was made to show others that you are not alone. Tarana Burke was the first person to use this hashtag that creating this movement. Although it wasn’t until Alyssa Milano posted using this this phrase that really jump started this movement. This hashtag has brought many people together as you can see in the video. I believe this movement shows how brave men and women can be when they are all brought together to see they are not alone and should not be ashamed and blame themselves.

Published on Oct 20, 2017


#MeToo is a viral social media movement aimed at spreading awareness on the true epidemic of sexual harassment, assault and exploitation. However, there has been different opinions on the success of this movement. What cannot be debated though, is how wide spread this movement reached. According to CBS News there were over 12 million posts with the hashtag #metoo in only 24 hours. I personally feel as though the movement has been a tremendous success in spreading awareness on an issue that has previously been often brushed off and not focused on.


Source-CBS News


Source – Kinda Everythings

#NBAVote is an example of how everyday people can make their voice heard to a much bigger organization. In this case, the NBA is the organization, and #NBAVote is how the All-Stars are selected. By seeing who used this hashtag, the NBA can see how many people voted for what player, making the process of selecting all-stars easy both for the consumer, and the supplier. Now, because of twitter, everyone from all around the world with a twitter account can vote for their favorite players in the league. This year, more than 10 million people voted for their favorite players in the league. With the recent rule change in selecting teams, the All-Star game has been revamped, with the two highest voted players becoming captains to choose their squad behind closed doors. Each player on the winning team taking home a $100,000 bonus and the players on the losing team taking home $25,000. This is to previous years where the winner would take home $50,000 dollars. This $75,000 dollar difference between the winners and losers should make the All-Star game more competitive. In turn, drawing more fans to both vote, and to spectate the game.