Hi my name is Jonathan Gonzalez I am a first year Student at Southern, majoring in Journalism. I got into journalism because I have always enjoyed writing and learning about different topics and ideas. My main focus for right now is music journalism. I hope to one day work for Rolling Stone or Billboard Magazine.

Music has always been a part of my life and it is something I feel connects everyone. Since i enjoy all categories of music from each era I know I can talk to anyone about music aimg_0366nd have great conversations.






Hello, my name is Connor Shannahan and I am Freshman here at SCSU. I am from Enfield, Connecticut. I am currently an English major here, and am undecided on my minor. I have always found that I have been passionate about my writing, and see myself using my skills in writing in my future profession.

A photo of me from my state meet in my senior year of cross country.
A photo of me from my state meet in my senior year of cross country.

Outside of this, I ran Cross Country and Track all four years of high school. I have ran in numerous road races, such as the famous Manchester Road Race. Southern offered me a great opportunity as an athlete, to take my talents to the next level. It seemed to be the best fit for me, and I have already improved vastly since being in high school, in a very short amount of time. Other than Cross Country, Track, and School, I like to spend time with friends, read and watch sports. I am a fan of all the Boston teams, and rooting for them seems to consume a majority of my life. I hope to learn more about journalism in this class, and use the skills I learn to help me in the future.



My name is Dan Gonzalez and I was born in the Bronx but currently live in New Milford, CT. I am a sophomore here at Southern and I’m majoring in Exercise Science and will eventually go to PT school to become a physical therapist. I am Puerto Rican and visit Puerto Rico at least once a year to visit my family.

View of famous beach in Puerto Rico 

I love to travel and I am hoping to explore all of Europe soon. I’ve played sports all throughout my life and I played baseball for New Milford High School all four years. My dream is to open up my own gym which incorporates not only the fitness aspect but also include physical therapy and I want to use my gym facility to rehab   the patients.


This is my beautiful baby boy Thomas. Being away from him when I’m at school is very upsetting.

Hi everyone, my name is Amanda Cavoto, and I’m a second semester freshman at SCSU. I’m majoring in Journalism currently but I’m not sure if that’s where I’ll end up. When I moved away to college I left behind my mother, father, two older brothers, and two of the cutest cats in the world. (One of my cats is pictured on this post.) I look at college as a brand new opportunity for success.I hope to start making genuine types of relationships in college both professionally and recreationally. My friends are the backbone of my life. I become greater everyday because of my friends’ support. I am a very outgoing person and enjoy engrossing myself in diversity. In high school I achieved my goal of diversity through theatre, but I decided not to continue in order to try something else. I want to be involved on campus so I decided to become a peer mentor for next semester. I am really looking forward to this opportunity. However, I want to be involved even more on campus so I’m hoping to find some new experiences this semester.


Hello! My name is Taylor and I’m a sophomore transfer student. I studied Dental Hygiene at Tunxis Community College for two semesters before realizing I’d much rather pursue a career in writing than spend the rest of my life looking into people’s mouths. I commute four times a week from Wallingford but am looking to live on campus in the fall.

In high school I played softball for four years and worked on the yearbook my senior year (I designed the cover too!). I was also a member of the photography club and wrote articles/produced video packages for my journalism class.

Things I do in my free time include working out, hiking, listening to music, writing poetry, photography, taking day trips to Boston, New York, etc. and running my wrestling fan page on Instagram (kind of embarrassing). I also have a dog who I love to spoil. I am probably the biggest Chris Pratt fan ever and a random fun fact is that I was a finalist in a contest he held for fans to design a Facebook header.image2

My dream job would definitely be working for WWE, whether it be as a creative writer or an onscreen reporter. I would also love to work for Buzzfeed or a similar media outlet where I can express ideas and be myself in a professional environment.


Hi! My name is Holly Bousquet and I am from Stonington Connecticut. I have two half brothers, but I live mainly with my mom, dad, and golden retriever. I am a freshman this year at Southern, and I am majoring in psychology with a concentration in mental health. In high school I played basketball and softball for all four years, and on the side I surfed a few times. I am not playing either of these sports here at Southern however.

Now in my free time I enjoy going for hikes in the woods, spending time at the beach, and going to the gym. I also am apart of Intervarsity club, and servicefullsizer-3 commission here at southern. Both of these clubs meet once a week and do other activities throughout the semester.

I am looking forward to this class, specifically to create podcasts and learn how to work with Photo Shop. Although this class does not directly relate to my major, there are many skills that I will learn which will help me throughout my career.

Picture taken in Maui, Hawaii with a sea turtle on the beach.


Hello my name is Jordan Malkin. I am from Hamden, Connecticut which is about 15 minutes away from Southern’s campus. I attended Hamden High School where I was a four year varsity soccer player, and captain my senior year.

I am the youngest of three siblings. My oldest sister attends Quinnipiac University, and my other sister attends Syracuse University. During this past fall semester I attended Heidelberg University, which is a very small school in Ohio. I decided to come to Southern for this spring semester to build up my credits and hopefully transfer into University of Rhode Island or University of Connecticut for the fall semester.

In my free time I enjoy watching or playing soccer with my friends, and of course binge watching different TV shows on Netflix. I have watched, “How I Met Your Mother,” 15 times in a row all the way through, which I bet is a world record, and I am currently starting the series, “Friends.”

#8 Hamden beats #1 Daniel Hand first time in history (SCC Playoffs)