Final Project Podcast by Kaitlyn Shinn on transitions from high school to college and if people knew what they wanted to major in or changed their major at all.

Charts found by surveying 8 people on how hard the transition from high school to college was and how many times they changed their major.

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Final Project-Holly Bousquet

The purpose of this video, was to ask people what their favorite vacations were and why. I then asked what their favorite part of this vacation was. I got a variety of answers which was really good, and people liked talking about this particular topic. Traveling is important to me because I feel it can be a great learning process of other cultures and ways of life.

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Paws for Thought: Looking Deeper into Animal Testing


At this moment in time, millions of animals of all kinds are locked up in cruel laboratories, subjected to the horrors of animal experimentation. There is nothing they can do except suffer and live in fear of the people in lab coats who perform painful procedures on them.

Educating yourself about animal testing and working towards buying cruelty-free products is what you can do to help. In this podcast I will go through the brands that test on animals and the ones that don’t in order to spread awareness about the benefits of buying cruelty-free for not only the animals, but for yourself.

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This graph illustrates the types of animals that are used in experimentations. Rodents such as rats and mice dominate the chart. Data from University of British Columbia.

The website Cruelty-Free Kitty published a list of companies that use animal experimentation when testing products. This list includes:

  • L’Oreal
  • Coppertone
  • Clorox
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Colgate-Palmolive
  • TRESemme
  • Chapstick
  • MAC
  • Revlon
  • Dove
  • Old Spice

I chose just the most recognizable brands, but there are many more on the list that have poor ethics regarding animal testing.

While a lot of these brands produce household or beauty items that you may use in your everyday life, it’s easy to make the switch to buying cruelty-free. There are plenty of brands who use ethical testing for their products that you can substitute them for.

First off, I’m going to look at makeup brands that are cruelty-free. I spoke with beauty school student and makeup artist Dorothea Doukanaris who understands the importance of using cruelty-free makeup on our skin.

Doukanaris is a student at London College of Beauty Therapy. She showcases her work on Instagram and hopes to gain a larger social media following as she advances in her career. Photo courtesy of Dorothea Doukanaris.


I also spoke with Southern Student and political science major Melissa Markleski, an avid animal lover who understands the importance of buying cruelty-free.

Markleski works at a local florist and has a pet rabbit. Photo courtesy of Melissa Markleski.

I looked towards the popular platform Youtube for more information and insight on switching to a cruelty-free lifestyle. I found a beauty blogger who openly shared her struggles on the journey to be vegan and cruelty-free. She runs her page, Cosmobyhayley, with more than 350,000 subscribers and uses only makeup brands that are kind to animals.

The following brands are ones that are against animal testing and are also available in most drugstores (besides Lush, The Body Shop, and Trader Joes).

  • elf
  • Ecotools
  • Lush
  • The Body Shop
  • Toms of Maine
  • Trader Joes
  • Every Man Jack
  • Mrs. Meyers

By opting for these humane brands you are doing so many beautiful living creatures justice. Other actions you can take include signing petitions and joining organizations, which I have linked below. Getting the word out and taking little steps everyday towards a more kind and caring life on Earth is a duty I try to carry out, and hope you will choose to do as well.

Pass the Humane Cosmetics Act!

Stop L’Oreal Animal Testing

Be Cruelty-Free

About the Author: I am a sophomore at Southern Connecticut State University. I am a journalism major and look forward to pursuing a career doing what I love best: writing! I am a huge advocate for animal rights and follow a vegetarian lifestyle. I hope this podcast will get people interested in the issue of animal experimentation, and I hope at least one person challenges themselves to try buying cruelty-free products. 

For this project I decided to do a final cut pro video on my grandmother. My parents came from Portugal, which meant that the rest of my family all lived in Portugal including my cousins aunts uncles and grandparents. It’s always been difficult to go to Portugal and leave our family behind to come back to the United States. This struggle has always been one of the worst pains in my life. Unfortunately, my grandmother passed away last year almost a week before my birthday and it killed me. I had so many plans to spend my vacation with her just the two of us. Unlike my brother, i wasn’t able to go in January to Portugal to see her and then i never got to see her again once summer came. This video will serve as a Mother’s Day video from me to my mom about her mom. I’ve come to realize that my grandmother was the closest relative that I held in my heart and I miss her every day. Because of this I have decided that I wanted to make a video of how much of a happy woman she always was. She was very strong and courageous even when she didn’t know how to read or write she still took care of the business they owned. To me I thought this was a very important video because my grandmother was an older version of me and how I act. I’ve come to realize that I have her smile, I have her laugh, and I have her great attitude. Always through the hardest times of her cancer she was able to be strong I just wish that I could have come through with the promises I made to her before she passed away. She had a hard life going through with the cancer but now I do this in memory of her. She will always be my guardian angel.

Here are some photos of my Grandmother and some of my relatives:


July 2015 in Portugal
Ana Dias, Eduardo Nascimento, Jessia Isidoro, Herculano Nascimento, Ana Nascimento, Norberto Nascimento. Christian Isidoro, Antonio Isidoro, Macaco( The dog).
Eduardo and Mariana's Wedding 
Herculano Nascimento, Mariana Nascimento, Eduardo Nascimento, Ana Nascimento


Data of Ages Diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer

Final Project: Southern Sustainability

For my final project I decided to make a video about our environment and Southern’s sustainability. With winter over and the grass free to grow it is hard to ignore all the pollution on our campus. Seeing all the litter and trash around campus made me wonder if Southern is really as sustainable as it claims to be. I interviewed 3 students at Southern to ask what they thought about our environment, litter, and Southern’s claim that it is a sustainable school.

Photo courtesy of Flikr (Creative Commons)
Photo courtesy Flikr (Creative Commons)


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Final Project: Podcast

Katie Buckheit

College students are always being encouraged to question the world around them.  What happens when they question their own world?  My question was this: what advice would you give to your younger self, and why?  Each of the four participants touched on the same thing: not taking youth for granted, taking opportunities that will lead to success down the road, and jumping into unknown waters.

Each of the interviews were recorded separately from the other participants, meaning no one based the advice they gave to themselves off of what another participant said.  The common theme of taking advantage of opportunities intrigued me.  The bustle of college life makes us all nostalgic for the simpler time of our youth, but it seems that hard work was just important then as it is now.  Each of the students interviewed had unique backgrounds to support the advice they were giving to themselves.

Thea spoke about her experience coming to Connecticut from Jamaica.  According to the Migration Policy Institute, Jamaican immigrants made up 5% of the immigration population alone in 2015.

immigraton chart
Courtesy of MPI, State Immigration Profiles for Connecticut


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Final Project: College Decisions

My final project for Journalism 135 is about college decisions. A lot of people pick a college based off one main thing like sports, a friend going to the same school, or sometimes their financial stability. Personally, I chose a college based off soccer, and it turned out to not be as fun as I thought, so I ended up transferring. There wasn’t anything I liked about the school besides the soccer, so once I realized that soccer wasn’t that great, the school ended up not being that great as well. I made this video so high school students can hear about different colleges. Many things people hear about college is from high school teachers, admissions workers, parents, or even things posted online, which sometimes may turn out to be slightly different than expected. This video shows personal experiences from different schools all around the world.  

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