Final Project

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My name is Brittany Farquhar and for my Final project I decided on creating a video relating to the holiday season. I love everything about the holidays and wanted to put that into a video.  With Christmas right around the corner, I wanted to capture the what the holidays meant to different people as well as the decorations I saw around New York.




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Decorations in a mall



Abandoned Residential (Final Project)

Hello, Everyone!

My Name is William Aliou and I am a freelance photographer from Southern Connecticut. I enjoy photographing all kinds of subjects but my favorite is abandoned and derelict buildings. For this blog post I put together a video focusing on abandoned residential buildings and properties in and around Connecticut. Also mentioned is the countries top 4 “Vacant Cities.” Check out the video below!

Homes featured in the video:

Thomaston, CT – View: Right side of House
Pound Ridge, NY – View: Facing Boat House


Final Project Marvel Vs DC

Hello, my name is Sean and I did my final project on  Marvel vs DC and which people thought were better. I decided to interview my friends Austin, Anthony and Trevor. This is a topic I have wondered how people will respond to it. I think there is several different views shown throughout the audio, including several different examples.



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Are first impressions important?

This is a podcast on the importance of first impressions when referring to dating.

By: Tomyia Young

I decided to do a final podcast on the importance of first impressions when dating. The reason why this topic was chosen is because everyone has different views on the the things they like about a person, but hardly get to see that within the first hour they spend with their date. So the question is, are first impressions the most reliable?
Good Date?
Bad date?
Smile seems to be the most important aspect for both males and females.

Final – Final Cut Pro

Hi my name is Heather Lovelett and I did my final project on vacation destinations. I chose to interview people asking them about the best place they have ever been. I also took a poll online asking people where they would go on vacation, anywhere in the world, if money or time or work didn’t play a role.

Thank you for taking the time to watch!



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A photo we took while at Saint Thomas
This is the view from our cruise at the Bahamas
Magens Bay at Saint Thomas