Final Project – The War on Drugs

My name is Bryce Murad and I did my project on the war on Drugs because I believe it’s been and continues to be one of the biggest institutional failures of our time. I also found an inclined interest in this subject when researching for my mini-podcast so I made it my final project instead.

All music, audio, and edited by Bryce Murad, Special thanks to Jaclyn Pensiero and Drew Dantino


The War on Drugs has claimed more lives than the actual wars of Iraq and Afghanistan Source


The United States has the most incarcerated people in the world. Source


Source: Census Bureau 2010, Summary 1


Drugs are widely available and fairly easy to find Source





Police Brutality and Gun Control


For my final Project, I decided on a topic that is important and relevant in our current social climate. Police Brutality and Gun Control have been in the news a lot lately and I wanted to get other perspectives from my peers on these issues. I found this project to be very informative and in my research was faced with the hard truth of the reality of the statistics on these topics.

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This video was made to see what goes inside a coaches head and how we prepare our kids for games and their future. This is my second season working with these guys and they are amazing. Getting to hear these stories and have them as my mentors made it great. Each kid is very talented and I thank the teams for allowing me to film their session. They are a great group of kids and made up of an even better coaching staff.

Kevin Vazquez – Final Project – Indesign


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I decided to do my final project on the music that inspires me to do many things, Latin Trap. I just started listening to this kind of music, I’d say around 6 months ago, and I have loved every second of it. My most favorite artists would easily be Bad Bunny and Ozuna. They are the best in the genre, no one can outclass them. I’ve been to their concerts and they’re still terrific live. I hope whoever sees my project would understand how good Latin Trap could be, it’s fairly new to the game, so give it a listen and see what you think.


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Tim Shea Interview

This interview is a captivating interview that showcases Tim Shea, the head baseball coach for SCSU, who has had a great career not only as the coach, but also as a player at SCSU. He at one point in his baseball career led the nation in doubles per game and at the time held the SCSU record for doubles in a season. During his time as the head baseball coach he has amassed a record of 427-271-5 and he has won at least 30 games in eight of his seasons at the helm. He has had six NCAA playoff berths during his tenure and 2 world series appearances.

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Final Project


Vets Park ,Branford CT

My name is Samir Silwal. I love playing soccer.For my Final Project, I am making a Soccer Shootout video with my friends. I am doing a 3 competitive game to see who is going to win the shootout challenge. The first one is a Shootout challenge where the balls are placed outside the D box and all players have 5 shots to find a net(1 goal =1 point). The second challenge is crossbar shootout challenge where players have 5 shots to hit the crossbar. (1 cross bar= 1 point). The third and the final challenge is hit the target. Players have 3 shots each  to shoot and to get hit. if you hit your target, it counts two points.(1 hit = 2 points).

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Source: Huffington post