Final Project: Podcast

Katie Buckheit

College students are always being encouraged to question the world around them.  What happens when they question their own world?  My question was this: what advice would you give to your younger self, and why?  Each of the four participants touched on the same thing: not taking youth for granted, taking opportunities that will lead to success down the road, and jumping into unknown waters.

Each of the interviews were recorded separately from the other participants, meaning no one based the advice they gave to themselves off of what another participant said.  The common theme of taking advantage of opportunities intrigued me.  The bustle of college life makes us all nostalgic for the simpler time of our youth, but it seems that hard work was just important then as it is now.  Each of the students interviewed had unique backgrounds to support the advice they were giving to themselves.

Thea spoke about her experience coming to Connecticut from Jamaica.  According to the Migration Policy Institute, Jamaican immigrants made up 5% of the immigration population alone in 2015.

immigraton chart
Courtesy of MPI, State Immigration Profiles for Connecticut


Jaquan Nelson
Processed with VSCO with g3 preset
Lizzie Cerino
Thea Sevens
Matt Smith

Musical credit to Ash Turner for his song Low Pressure found on

Owl photo credit to DIVA007 through Creative Commons License



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