Final Project: College Decisions

My final project for Journalism 135 is about college decisions. A lot of people pick a college based off one main thing like sports, a friend going to the same school, or sometimes their financial stability. Personally, I chose a college based off soccer, and it turned out to not be as fun as I thought, so I ended up transferring. There wasn’t anything I liked about the school besides the soccer, so once I realized that soccer wasn’t that great, the school ended up not being that great as well. I made this video so high school students can hear about different colleges. Many things people hear about college is from high school teachers, admissions workers, parents, or even things posted online, which sometimes may turn out to be slightly different than expected. This video shows personal experiences from different schools all around the world.  

Work Cited

 High Point Stats

 SCSU Stats

Syracuse stats

Tulane stats

UCONN stats

Hofstra stats

URI Stats

Tulane picture 

UCONN picture 

High Point picture



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