Final Audition Project-Maria

For this final project I decided to interview a few students about something that is very important to me and that is music. Everyone has their own preferences about music and the kind of styles they enjoy listening to. Turning these tough times of finals, some students need a way to relieve some stress and personally I think the best thing is music.

Link to SoundCloud

Link to Picture on SoundCloud

This is a picture I took on my way to the train station when I was going to New York. I wear my Beats everyday and all day. I’ve had professors and students ask me if I sleep with them on because I wear them all the time. I love listening to music everyday, I know that I could never go an entire day without music because I might go crazy. Music is what keeps me calm, otherwise I probably would have lost my mind in this class.

I asked 30 students in Chase Hall what is their favorite music genre. Eventually student got off topic and began to discuss old school songs that we use to listen to when we were little kids. Great times.

Personally, I am an old school kind of music girl. I like listening to  freestyle music and old Spanish music that my mother would blast on Saturday mornings. I listen to all kinds of music though, whatever gets my feet moving then it’s all good.


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