For this project I decided to do a final cut pro video on my grandmother. My parents came from Portugal, which meant that the rest of my family all lived in Portugal including my cousins aunts uncles and grandparents. It’s always been difficult to go to Portugal and leave our family behind to come back to the United States. This struggle has always been one of the worst pains in my life. Unfortunately, my grandmother passed away last year almost a week before my birthday and it killed me. I had so many plans to spend my vacation with her just the two of us. Unlike my brother, i wasn’t able to go in January to Portugal to see her and then i never got to see her again once summer came. This video will serve as a Mother’s Day video from me to my mom about her mom. I’ve come to realize that my grandmother was the closest relative that I held in my heart and I miss her every day. Because of this I have decided that I wanted to make a video of how much of a happy woman she always was. She was very strong and courageous even when she didn’t know how to read or write she still took care of the business they owned. To me I thought this was a very important video because my grandmother was an older version of me and how I act. I’ve come to realize that I have her smile, I have her laugh, and I have her great attitude. Always through the hardest times of her cancer she was able to be strong I just wish that I could have come through with the promises I made to her before she passed away. She had a hard life going through with the cancer but now I do this in memory of her. She will always be my guardian angel.

Here are some photos of my Grandmother and some of my relatives:


July 2015 in Portugal
Ana Dias, Eduardo Nascimento, Jessia Isidoro, Herculano Nascimento, Ana Nascimento, Norberto Nascimento. Christian Isidoro, Antonio Isidoro, Macaco( The dog).
Eduardo and Mariana's Wedding 
Herculano Nascimento, Mariana Nascimento, Eduardo Nascimento, Ana Nascimento


Data of Ages Diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer


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