Final Podcast – University Safe Spaces

The Safe Space Allies Network at the University of San Diego helps those in the LGBT community seek support and resources. | Image by Phil Konstantin from Wikipedia
The University of California, Berkeley has created a safe space program for almost every individual out there. | Image by Zpwilliams from Wikipedia
The University of Tampa offers Safezone Training, and safe space discussions with the Diversity Fellowship. | Image by Treyt021 from Wikipedia


Retention/Graduation Rates with Universities that support Safe Spaces

Retention/Graduation Rates with Universities without Safe Spaces

Great Value College







In this Podcast, my friends and I will be discussing our views behind University Safe Spaces and if they actually should have a more integral place in our society. Upon our speaking, there have actually already been 20 Colleges in America that have adopted safe spaces. Below, I have a chart that compares 10 of the Safe Space Colleges versus 10 of the Best Colleges without safe spaces.


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