Final Project: Podcast

In today’s society, social media is unavoidable with millions of people constantly exploring through the different social media sites. There has been a number of different scenarios that I have encountered in which someone explains how social media is affecting the youth, and it’s usually the older generation who argues about this. So I took it upon myself to interview three different people on their views about how social media is affecting the lives of teens and young adults in today’s world.

pic of me
Picture of me with my brothers. Photo courtesy of Danny Gonzalez.
One of participants, Matt Lockhart. Photo courtesy of Matt Lockhart.
lucas project
One of participants, Lucas Ferreira. Photo courtesy of Lucas Ferreira.
One of participants, Christian Santana. Photo Courtesy of Christian Santana.

Sound courtesy of

Dannys Pie Chart for podcast copy
A pie chart showing the % of teens & young adults on each social media platform. Courtesy of for chart data.

Courtesy of the Pew Research Center  for data on the % of teens on social media.


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