Final Project: Podcast

Hello all and welcome to my Final Audition Podcast. During this podcast I will be discussing the latest NFL news mainly pertaining to: Marshawn Lynch’s trade and re-instatement, Adrian Peterson’s decision to sign with the Saints, and the Raider’s possible next move in the draft. I’d like to thank the following people for making this podcast possible: John Michelson, Eric Howard, and Pouyan Sai.

Picture of myself taken several months ago
NFL Referee signaling a touchdown has just been scored. Photo courtesy of Keith from Pixabay .
New Orleans Saints Quarterback handing the ball off to his now new teammate Adrian Peterson. Photo courtesy of Skeeze from Pixabay .

Articles utilized for the podcast can be found at the following links:

Music heard in Podcast is Courtesy of Captive Portal of .

A chart visualizing Marshawn Lynch’s stats since 2011. Will the year break he took benefit him or, will it show how much father time has caught up to the 31 year old Oakland Native? Statistics courtesy of .





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