Is College Worth the Price? (Final Project)

For my final project, I focused on whether or not college is worth the price. What I mean by this, is if the high cost and loans are worth it. This question can have different meanings for different people. Going to college might be about getting a job, getting an education and learning, or even meeting new people and getting to experiencing something new. From my interviews, you can see all sides of this discussion are mentioned. I also discussed the other alternative options people have coming out of high school, and the type of payment plans available.

The Queens College, Oxford (Used in SoundCloud post, and with clickable link to source)



Loans give some students the chance to go college, but hidden fees and interest rates make them complicated at times. (Clickable link to source)
Joining the military is a very popular decision, as it offers you many different options after completing your service. (Clickable link to source)
States with highest to lowest student loan debt.

Link to Graph Statistics (Forbes)

NY Times Article (Statistic used in podcast)

Financial Loan Source

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Vinyl vs Digital

Advancements in technology and data storage have totally redefined the way we consume media, especially music.  Still, age-old analogue formats have not only managed to stick around, but are becoming increasingly popular and relevant.

For some, it’s the desire of a physical form of music that they greatly enjoy. ¬†For others, it’s the idea that the analogue format is closer to the true sound than its compressed digital counterpart.

This short interview explores the appeal of vinyl records to the modern consumer.

LP sales chart provided by Statisa

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