#YesAllWomen is a campaign that started in response to Elliot Roger taking the lives of six people. On May 23, 2014 Rodger stabbed three men in his apartment and then drove to a sorority and shot three women, killing two. The Guardian reported, “The whole attack had taken around eight minutes, according to the report, which estimates that 55 9mm rounds were fired. By the end, 14 people had been wounded, either by gunshot or by being struck by Rodger’s car, and six were dead, not including Rodger.”

Rodgers was very vocal about his opinions of women, the language he used to describe all females in his Youtube videos was not unheard of in the daily lives of women. #YesAllWomen was created as a platform for women to speak up and share their stories about injustices they’ve faced as they fight against everyday sexism and rape culture in the wake of Elliot Rodger’s rampage. In light of the recent election the hashtag has re-ignited as people fight against the defunding of planned parenthood and resurgence of misogyny and gender bias.

Social media is a staple in the lives of many Americans, which is why it is so pertinent that important issues are represented on these platforms. Issues symbolized by hashtags, such as YesAllWomen, introduce topics that some people may not be aware of. These hashtags begin the conversations that are necessary to induce change and provide a platform for discussion. If twitter is where change begins, sign me up.





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