Over the past week, many protests nationwide and outside of the country have taken place due to President Trump’s signing of an executive order. This executive order prevented immigrants from seven different Muslim-filled countries from entering the United States. Howard Schultz, the CEO of Starbucks, stated that Starbucks plans to hire 10,000 refugees worldwide within the next five years in response to the passing of this executive order. That statement received a number of different responses both for and against Schultz’s plan but mostly against which led to the use of the hashtag, “BoycottStarbucks.”

Courtesy of YouTube

After I first heard about Starbucks wanting to hire 10,000 refugees worldwide in response to the executive order Trump passed, I believed that was a great plan for a number of different reasons. Our country has always been proud of being so diverse and I believe it’s the unity of different cultures that will make our communities prosper and that unity will make us stronger. So by giving all these refugees a job opportunity, they will have a better chance of living that “American dream” that everyone wants. However, I can also agree with some of the arguments made for boycotting Starbucks. In Business Insider, some of arguments made against Starbucks  was that they should be hiring 10,000 veterans instead of refugees and I can agree with that argument because it’s sad that people who risk their lives for our country can’t even get a job to support themselves. There are also thousands of American citizens who are in desperate need of a job and I do agree that by hiring 10,000 refugees, it will be harder for those Americans to get jobs and that is not fair. Overall, both sides have valid arguments and I believe there are both positives and negatives with Starbucks hiring 10,000 refugees.



YouTube: https://youtu.be/zhHj_ddSR0s


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