NotMyPresident Hashtag

I chose to discuss the hashtag #NotMyPresident. This hashtag has been controversial since it first erupted after President’s Trump’s victory in the 2016 election. Many people feel that the hashtag is immature and stupid seeing as though, regardless of what we say, he is our president. One of the biggest debates that many people who oppose Trump say, is that he cannot be our president simply because he doesn’t speak for every American. After only one week in office President Trump has already called executive orders on laws that make the lives of Women, Muslims, Mexican’s and and many other live’s of minorities even harder. Many Americans are outraged. They feel and see some of their most basic rights being ripped away from them, and than they must continue to recognize this man as their president. Someone who is actively working to make the lives of almost all minorities in this country, nearly impossible to enjoy, making it even harder for these individuals to comply to him. America, is arguably more divided than ever now, many citizens feel constantly under attack by the more superior race and from people who hold higher power. This hashtag is a resistance to comply, a way for the people to nonviolently voice their dissatisfaction. After a difficult election, one in which President Trump didn’t even win the popular vote, it’s not that difficult to see why  many people are so unhappy.

The only fault in this protest are the violent protests that have risen across the country. Although a lot of these protests are peaceful, we have seen riots which doesn’t reflect very well on the individuals who oppose Trump. This video below which was published by the New York Times, shows us some of these individuals, their opinions on the matter and why they believe in this hashtag.


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