As social media continues to grow in today’s society, organizations are taking advantage of this to start campaigns in hopes of raising support and awareness. In 2016 specifically, there were many social issues which reached across the globe through the use of hashtags on Twitter. One hashtag which stood out to me personally was #ShoutYourRecovery, which is used to fight the stigma surrounding alcohol and substance abuse. The organization Freedom From Addiction created this hashtag to start conversations on social media about addiction, allowing people still in bondage to see they are not alone and that recovery is possible.

As a psychology major, after I graduate I hope to help people with various mental health issues. Due to this, I care a lot about fighting stigma surrounding mental health, and I believe sharing your story is one of the most powerful ways to give other people hope. Activism for mental health has increased especially throughout the past year, but it is still not where it could be. People with struggles such as addiction sometimes still feel ashamed, and lonely. Although much more than creating hashtags need to be done to combat this issue, it is a good start to raise awareness and increase activism.

Courtesy of Markkula Center on Youtube


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