Basket of Deplorables.

#BasketOfDeplorables This statement was made by Hilary Clinton during one of the 2016 Presidential debates. The statement was made by Hilary in reference to the many sexists, prejudiced and ignorant statements made by Donald Trump during his campaign. She stated that she’d like to take all of the Trump supporters who agree with his statements and place them in a “Basket of Deplorables”. Ever since those statements were made the hashtag has been used to both describe people who assert a strong amount of prejudiced toward a particular group or to insult Hilary Clinton and be used as evidence against her character. The debate insinuates that Hilary Clinton disrespected anyone who favors Trump over her, when in fact I believe she was trying to say his statements were deplorable and or unpresidential. I also believes she was just trying to point out that his followers who support everything he says no matter how ridiculous needed a reality check.  In the weeks following which lead up to the election various news outlets pointed out how much this became a major roadblock in Hilary’s campaign. It was this statement which many believe caused Clinton the election.









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