Not your life, not your concern

In 2016 love won the fight, in June the supreme court ruled that same-sex marriage would be recognized in all 50 states. For years the LGBT community has been fighting for the basic civil right of marriage. This ruling upholds the fourteenth amendment, which requires states to issue a license to same-sex couples. Before the ruling 36 states allowed same-sex marriage but the last 14 had bans. A total of sixteen law suits were filed claiming the state was violating the amendment by refusing to perform the marriage. The court ruled 5-4 after the trail. Now all states are required to issue same-sex marriages and recognize marriages performed in other states.

Many were angered by this ruling, some believe that same-sex marriage should not be allowed. Some citizens are against same-sex marriage becasue it is against their religious views. While everyone is allowed to have their own opinions there has to be a separation between church and state. Church versus state means that laws can’t be made based on religion and religion can’t be based on laws. There are no non-religious reasons for banning same-sex marriage.

This YouTube video was created by YouTube Spotlight one year before the supreme court ruling. The video starts with you-tubers videos of their coming out stories and celebrities talking about being gay. As the video continues clips of speeches and weddings are shown.

Why should we be so concerned with what two consenting adults do with their lives? If your child is gay it doesn’t mean you failed as a parent. The only way you fail as a parent is by disowning or turning your back on your child because of who they love. We can’t make love illegal. If it’s not your life it’s not your concern.



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