Why we should leave the environment alone

This is most likely my favorite video and environmental experiment! Through this experiment scientist show how wolves are a key stone animal in the wild. By reintroducing the wolves to their once native habitat, the entire ecosystem changed. Animals changed their grazing patterns. New species of animals came into the ecosystem and so did plants. After time even the geography of the landscape changed. With more plants more roots were able to hold down soil and fight against erosion, this changed the course of rivers.

In Connecticut deers have an extremely high population which means there are more deer ticks. As most know deer ticks carrier lyme disease and more cases of citizens getting this are rising. Deers have no natural predator here because of our execution of wolves though history. Despite the hunting season on deer the population isn’t decreasing enough. Maybe by trying to reintroduce a small number of wolves the deer population may decrease and so will the cases of lyme disease.


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