#Somostodosmacacos Also Known As: #Weareallmonkeys

This hashtag was a response to the racist remarks of European soccer players. Neymar helped to spread the word. This campaign was motivated for the fact that when Daniel Alves, one of the best Brazilian soccer players was about to hit into the corner at a game and a banana was thrown at him at the game of Villarreal and Barcelona. Daniel Alves didn’t express any feelings about this except; humor. He finds so much strength to keep playing even with so much negativity. He believes that no one will change so it has to be like this. he laughs at the fact that people are still so naive.

As a person who loves to watch and play soccer, finding this hashtag really hit home. The racism even on a soccer field is ridiculous for the simple fact of the world has changed and evolved and the times are different now greater than ever before. When I read this article in Portuguese on O Globo it really described so many examples of where racism occurs even on the field. I believe this hashtag has evolved in Europe to try to make a change because no matter what there is racism everywhere in the world. Although personally, I have not witnessed any particular form of racism while I have been in Portugal doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. I believe this world needs change and that everyone needs to find it within themselves to help stop racism because its not something we can get rid of in the world.

Courtesy of:

O Globo




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