Hashtag Activism

The hashtag I have decided to further dig into, is the ever so explosive #NotMyPresident hashtag that has been trending since Trump’s arrival to the oval office. This hashtag began as a means of peaceful protest, however, has transformed since then and is now used to show videos of the violent “protests” occuring across the states, expose Trump for using “alternative facts,” or just to make a fool out of the president that over half the country had voted for.

According to most this is just the first of many problems to come. An article from the Washington Post suggests that these violent protests are simply products of people being either afraid or just flat out upset that the country has elected a billionaire to office simply because he appealed to the human eye and took no money from outside sources to get himself where he sits today. The hashtag, often seen being carried across the signs of protestors, has continued to be a solid representation of the ignored public voice. Whether it be celebrities showing their support by “blacking out” their twitter and using the hashtag, or one of the several thousand people using the hashtag, the support continues to grow and peoples’ voices continue to go ignored.

Below a Dallas man shows his support by blacking out his profile picture and his use of “#NotMyPresident,” as well as voicing his personal opinions about the newly acquitted president of the United States.

The video taken by the ABC News crew below helps further exemplify the violence and growth of the protest since the president’s inauguration into office not too long ago.



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