A Dog’s Purpose Is Not a Prop! 

Last week TMZ posted the following video from the set of the upcoming film “A Dog’s Purpose” which sparked plenty of outrage on Twitter.

The clip shows a distressed German Shepard being forced to enter rushing waters for a stunt despite his obvious fear and objections. After seeing this troubling video, animal lovers took to Twitter to express their disappointment and concerns regarding the mistreatment of animals in the media. #BoycottADogsPurpose was one of the most tweeted hashtags on January 18 and 19, shortly following the leaking of the clip.

Some users even used the hashtag positively, posting pictures of their own dogs to promote love and kindness towards animals.

The outrage led to the cancellation of the movie’s LA premiere, but A Dog’s Purpose is still scheduled to hit theaters January 27. With PETA boycotting the movie and the American Humane Society currently investigating the controversy, along with an online petition started by Care2 user Jane N. which has 71,000 signatures and counting, the opening of the film is predicted to underwhelm in the box office.




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