Artist unknown

Emily Bohannah– Currently enveloped in my second semester of my junior year at Southern, having transferred from UCONN in Fall ’16.  I am double majoring in English and philosophy.  I would like to be a writer for someone, somewhere, in some capacity, but I am still workshopping the method.  I aspire to write extremely politically and socially consciously. I hold myself accountable above all; accountable for my positions, privileges and power.  Contributing meaningfully to international dialogues that explore and examine the direction of human civilization and capitalism in even the most menial of ways, like commenting in Tumblr and Reddit threads, is my present and future.  A self-proclaimed psychonaut, my personal research and writing includes expansive exploration of consciousness and the meta.  While my political pieces are almost exclusively expository, more personal work may stray from prose.  As a writing tutor at UCONN, I absolutely fell in love with teaching, which has further muddled my plans.

I swam and ran competitively until my senior year of high school and have since retired from organized sports.  The Edge Fitness Clubs in Meriden and in Milford now satiate my need to be active.  I have two Goldens (father and son, actually) fullsizerenderand one younger brother.

Part of the reason I am in this class is because of the podcast coaching I hope to receive.  I, myself, am a podcast enthusiast. To be able to integrate that form of media into my own archives of work would greatly enhance my marketability as an aspiring writer.


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