This is my beautiful baby boy Thomas. Being away from him when I’m at school is very upsetting.

Hi everyone, my name is Amanda Cavoto, and I’m a second semester freshman at SCSU. I’m majoring in Journalism currently but I’m not sure if that’s where I’ll end up. When I moved away to college I left behind my mother, father, two older brothers, and two of the cutest cats in the world. (One of my cats is pictured on this post.) I look at college as a brand new opportunity for success.I hope to start making genuine types of relationships in college both professionally and recreationally. My friends are the backbone of my life. I become greater everyday because of my friends’ support. I am a very outgoing person and enjoy engrossing myself in diversity. In high school I achieved my goal of diversity through theatre, but I decided not to continue in order to try something else. I want to be involved on campus so I decided to become a peer mentor for next semester. I am really looking forward to this opportunity. However, I want to be involved even more on campus so I’m hoping to find some new experiences this semester.


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