Hi! My name is Holly Bousquet and I am from Stonington Connecticut. I have two half brothers, but I live mainly with my mom, dad, and golden retriever. I am a freshman this year at Southern, and I am majoring in psychology with a concentration in mental health. In high school I played basketball and softball for all four years, and on the side I surfed a few times. I am not playing either of these sports here at Southern however.

Now in my free time I enjoy going for hikes in the woods, spending time at the beach, and going to the gym. I also am apart of Intervarsity club, and servicefullsizer-3 commission here at southern. Both of these clubs meet once a week and do other activities throughout the semester.

I am looking forward to this class, specifically to create podcasts and learn how to work with Photo Shop. Although this class does not directly relate to my major, there are many skills that I will learn which will help me throughout my career.

Picture taken in Maui, Hawaii with a sea turtle on the beach.


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