Hello my name is Jordan Malkin. I am from Hamden, Connecticut which is about 15 minutes away from Southern’s campus. I attended Hamden High School where I was a four year varsity soccer player, and captain my senior year.

I am the youngest of three siblings. My oldest sister attends Quinnipiac University, and my other sister attends Syracuse University. During this past fall semester I attended Heidelberg University, which is a very small school in Ohio. I decided to come to Southern for this spring semester to build up my credits and hopefully transfer into University of Rhode Island or University of Connecticut for the fall semester.

In my free time I enjoy watching or playing soccer with my friends, and of course binge watching different TV shows on Netflix. I have watched, “How I Met Your Mother,” 15 times in a row all the way through, which I bet is a world record, and I am currently starting the series, “Friends.”

#8 Hamden beats #1 Daniel Hand first time in history (SCC Playoffs)

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