Protesters gather at JFK International Airport's Terminal 4 to demonstrate against President Donald Trump's executive order on January 28, 2017, in New York. Trump has signed a sweeping executive order to suspend refugee arrivals and impose tough controls on travellers from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. / AFP / Bryan R. Smith (Photo credit should read BRYAN R. SMITH/AFP/Getty Images)
Protesters gather at JFK International Airport’s Terminal 4 to demonstrate against President Donald Trump’s executive order on January 28, 2017, in New York.


There have been a lot of powerful hashtags throughout these past years and some of them speak louder than others such as #LoveIsLove and #YesAllWomen. However, this past week, a major trending hashtag that has brought many people together is #MuslimBan. Donald Trump placed a 90-day ban on visitors from seven countries in the Middle East. Trump claims that this is not a “ban against Muslims”, but a ban to not accept those who are Muslim coming from those seven countries. He continued to go on to explain that this ban is to help clean up American before we continue to allow more refugees to come. Seeing the amount of people protesting about the #MuslimBan throughout almost every international airpot in America, this shows how united we are as a country and how it is wrong to push people away and keep people out of this country due to the fact that they have a different religion. People of all different races, religions, backgrounds and everything else that makes us human came out to make sure their voices were heard around the world. #MuslimBan #NotMyPresident.








Kris Bryant and Addison Russell jumping with excitement knowing they are World Champions

A couple months back something happened that has not happened in one hundred and eight years #CubsWinWorldSeries. The Chicago Cubs had the longest world series drought in major league history followed by the Chicago White Sox and then the Boston Red Sox. The loyal Chicago Cubs fans have been waiting a long time for their team to be world champions again. However, the way they did it wasn’t how everyone expected. They had the best record in baseball but fell behind 3-1 in the series to the hot Cleveland Indians. The game ended up going into extra innings and the Cubs pulled through to win 8-7 in ten innings. This hashtag began to evolve because of mainly two reasons the Cubs last won the world series in 1908, and they overcame a 3-1 deficit. To finally break the curse in such a way social media exploded with tweets. The Cubs were the talk of sports and social media for weeks. No one could have imagined that they would play with such poise to put Chicago back on top of the baseball world.





Over the past week, many protests nationwide and outside of the country have taken place due to President Trump’s signing of an executive order. This executive order prevented immigrants from seven different Muslim-filled countries from entering the United States. Howard Schultz, the CEO of Starbucks, stated that Starbucks plans to hire 10,000 refugees worldwide within the next five years in response to the passing of this executive order. That statement received a number of different responses both for and against Schultz’s plan but mostly against which led to the use of the hashtag, “BoycottStarbucks.”

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After I first heard about Starbucks wanting to hire 10,000 refugees worldwide in response to the executive order Trump passed, I believed that was a great plan for a number of different reasons. Our country has always been proud of being so diverse and I believe it’s the unity of different cultures that will make our communities prosper and that unity will make us stronger. So by giving all these refugees a job opportunity, they will have a better chance of living that “American dream” that everyone wants. However, I can also agree with some of the arguments made for boycotting Starbucks. In Business Insider, some of arguments made against Starbucks  was that they should be hiring 10,000 veterans instead of refugees and I can agree with that argument because it’s sad that people who risk their lives for our country can’t even get a job to support themselves. There are also thousands of American citizens who are in desperate need of a job and I do agree that by hiring 10,000 refugees, it will be harder for those Americans to get jobs and that is not fair. Overall, both sides have valid arguments and I believe there are both positives and negatives with Starbucks hiring 10,000 refugees.



YouTube: https://youtu.be/zhHj_ddSR0s

#loveislove Hashtag Activism

A huge part of America today is supporting our LGBTQ community. In 2015 The Supreme Court declared that same sex marriage would be legal in all 50 states; June 12, 2016 there was a shooting in Orlando at a gay nightclub killing 49 people and injuring others. Ever since then #loveislove is growing. I believe it is important to voice how we feel, I’m sure many of us know personally someone who is gay, of color, etc and we see them as normal people, but this world is full of people who are judgemental towards the LGBTQ community and people of color. To think that any one apart of this world has to suffer with comments or looks people give them just because they happen to be attracted to the same sex or is of color is unimaginable. Anyone in the world deserves to be happy whether they like the opposite sex, the same sex, want to change their sex, are of color or anything beyond that. The people apart of the LGBTQ community and of color are people just as we are, their sexual interests, want to change their sex, or of color doesn’t make them any different than straight people, or white people. Humans are humans, I am me and you are you, our orientation; sex, race, color, religion, etc does not define us and how we treat each other.

Though America has changed dramatically since then others fear the law of same sex marriage will be repealed, worrying thousands. With Donald Trump as President there are many things that could come into play, we know he is expressive about the fact that he doesn’t like same sex marriage, and neither does the Vice President Mike Pence. It is impossible to know what could happen in the future, but we all need to stand up for each other and support the ones who are worried, or afraid for their own life because of what could change their every day life. This world has come to accept the LGBTQ community as well as people of different race, or religion and we can’t back down on the support for everyone these changes could apply to. Everyone deserves to be happy and this is what it takes for them, so we need to share and express our happiness for them and their own rights and fight for their happiness and rights to continue.